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Maker-Taker Fees in Cryptocurrency Trading

Semantics: The term "maker" comes from the concept of a "market maker" A market maker is one who provides liquidity to a market (they "make liquidity"). In our case, a maker is one who places limit orders on the order books. Without limit orders sitting on the books, the price of cryptocurrencies would swing around wildly as the exchange tried to match buy market orders and sell market orders. Thus market makers are rewarded with lower fees (in some markets) for providing liquidity to the market (in the form of buy / sell limit orders). If you get that concept, that a maker makes liquidity and a taker takes liquidity (AKA buys / sells limit orders), everything else should be easier to follow.

What are Maker Fees and Taker Fees
  • When you place an order that is immediately filled in its entirety (for example a market or stop order) you are a "taker," and you pay a "taker" fee for this. The idea is that you are "taking" the price you want, right now, generally by buying or selling limit orders sitting on the books.
  • Meanwhile, when you place an order that doesn't fill immediately (like a limit order), you are a "maker," and you can expect to pay a reduced "maker" fee for this. As noted above, this terminology comes from the fact that placing limit orders on the books helps to "make the market," (it makes you a "market maker").

    • Maker Fee Taker Fee 30 day volume in FLC* - 24h Global Volume
      0.09% 0.1% < $926
      0.08% 0.09% < $4,630
      0.07% 0.08% < $9,259