How to be part of this project and earn a passive icome from Globycoin and Globyex
# Type Quantity Income
Globycoin Masternode 150,000 Globies (GLB) 75% from block + 20% from monthly trading fees*
Globycoin Holder 1,000,000 Globies (GLB) 20% from monthly trading fees + 25% from staking*
  • Who holds a wallet has the right to a share
  • Who holds a mn has the right to a share
  • Who holds more then 2 mn has the right to 2 shares
  • Who holds a mn and a wallet has the right to 2 shares
  • Maximum shares per investors=2
    • * To redeem your earning you must have a Running masternode on our blockchain or hold 1,000,000 GLB on your wallet in staking mode,there will be monthly checks on every account.

      #You must have a verified account on Globyex to receive your earning,no duplicate entries will be tollerated.

      #The earnings will be paid into your virtual USD account, within the first week of the next month,you can convert it into btc or glb!

      Date Total Earning Total Members Status
      03-2019 - 12 In Progress